Frequently Asked Questions about The Red Bus

How much does The Red Bus cost? 
Please outline your requirements on the booking form, and we will give you a price.

Is it really a proper old London bus?
Yes, our three Routemasters all worked in London for at least 25 years each!

Does it look the same as in your photos? 
It's even better in reality!  Call us to arrange to view in person.

How many people can you take? 
Each bus takes 64 passengers. 

Can you go to this certain location?
We will check out your specific destination requests, so please get in touch. We cover an area within about 30 miles of our base in Edinburgh. Unfortunately we do not take bookings in Fife because of the risk of the Forth Road Bridge/Queensferry Crossing being closed to high-sided vehicles. Glasgow is also out of our range as well as parts of the Borders.

How do I know if the venue is accessible?
If there is any doubt about low bridges or branches or narrow roads etc we will check out the venue and let you know as soon as possible. If you need dimensions, the buses are 14ft 6ins high and 8ft wide.

Can you serve drinks on board? 
Yes – you supply the drinks, we can chill them at our base and our conductor will help serve at a suitable stop. Or you can sip small bottles with straws on the move.

Are there any added costs?
There is no VAT to pay on the price quoted. The driver and conductor's fee is included in the price. For weddings the following is always included in the price: bunches of fresh flowers on all the interior poles, a bunch on the front tied with a big white ribbon, WEDDING BUS sign changing to JUST MARRIED afterwards, and a personalised sign for the destination blind on the side which we send to you after it has been displayed on the bus for the day.


Do you have a door for the back?
Part of the Routemaster's unique experience is the open platform at the back with the step and pole. There is no door but this area is kept safe for passengers by our conductor, who remains on board throughout. This is a great spot for the photos when stationary!

Do you have wheelchair access?
Unfortunately not. The platform was not designed for this access and it is still in its original condition. The conductor and driver will provide all assistance requested for helping passengers on board, including stowing a folded wheelchair when possible.

Where can the bus pick us up from?
We can pick up your party from multiple stops arranged in advance. This is fun for the party as each new group joins, and easy for guests as they can choose the easiest place for them. We can come to residential addresses and always try our hardest to arrange to collect the bride from her own front door if requested.

Can we bring children on board?
Yes, children love coming on the Red Bus. Safety is ensured by the conductor.

Can we play music onboard?
Yes. We can connect your iPod or phone etc into our portable speakers for your playlist for the journey if you let us know in advance. We have also had live music on board, from fiddle to bagpipes and a small jazz band.

Can you get married on the bus?
Yes, many couples have taken their vows onboard, with the bus parked somewhere spectacular or significant.

Do you do prom transport for primary and secondary school leavers?
We regret The Red Bus does not take on prom hires because of the open platform entrance.

Do you do tours of Edinburgh?
All our drivers know Edinburgh very well. We can take you on a tour of the city with or without commentary. We can arrange a Blue Badge guide in most languages at their hourly rate.